Welcome to BLUEMEX

BLUEMEX - good quality, low price, and very fast shipping.

Perhaps you have already noticed our BLUEMEX products when visiting our online shop. Then you have certainly also noticed how cheap these products are and what good quality they are made of. Doesn't that go together? Yes, it does very well. Because these are our house brands, which we have produced exclusively for you. Purely according to our ideas, with higher quality synthetic resin stones and with packaging and final inspection here in our house. Shipping only from Germany, from our warehouse, is a matter of course. 

Our customer favorite for every painter

Behind the name, BLUEMEX is the abbreviation for "BLUEMchen Express". The brand was founded by us in 2020 and has become a popular brand in our online shop and the social media sector within a very short time. Our extremely fast delivery times were the decisive factor here. 

Why are BLUEMEX products so cheap?

Normal manufacturers of all kinds of goods do not sell their products directly to the end consumer, but to wholesalers and retailers who then resell the goods to the end customer. This saves the manufacturers a lot of time and money that they would otherwise have to invest in distribution. But since the intermediaries also want to earn money with their goods, they add a profit margin to the purchase price. With each dealer that comes between the manufacturer and the end buyer, the product becomes more expensive. 

At BLUEMEX, this inflation rate does not exist, because we take care of production and distribution at the same time. This saves you the margin of the middlemen directly. In this way, we can offer you high quality at a reasonable price. All our products are printed on high-quality canvas and are delivered with stones of the best possible quality. Not only are we one of the largest dealers in Germany, with our warehouse here at our headquarters in Ostereistedt, we are also the cheapest. 

Unusual and special sizes from BLUEMEX

As the market already has a very good and wide product portfolio around Diamond Painting pictures to offer, we have concentrated on motifs that are not so easy to get and not everyone has to offer when developing BLUEMEX. We have large licenses under contract and offer these exclusively for you. 

In addition to the optimal sizes, BLUEMEX also stands for special motifs that we have developed on the suggestion or inspiration of our customers. So if you have been searching in vain for the perfect solution for your needs, you may already find it with us.