Here you can find bags, boxes and cups for storing the stones

Do you want everything to be in order during Diamond Painting? Then we have just the right offers for you when it comes to storage.

Various solutions for optimum order

Whether round or square, rhinestone or normal, light or dark - without the little stones, there are no pictures in Diamond Painting. To ensure that nothing gets mixed up, the right storage solution is particularly important. After all, you want to have your stones ready to hand for each painting.

If you want to optimally store several colours for your hobby at the same time, our cups with lids, for example, are just the right thing. The transparent material allows you to see from the outside which colour the stones inside are. Thanks to the lid, nothing can fall out of this form of storage, and the cups can be optimally stacked for storage. The same applies, for example, to our sorting boxes, optionally with 21 or 28 compartments. These are not only perfect for storing leftover stones but are also well-suited for the work process.

We are always there for you

Would you like to know more about our various solutions for storing small stones or do you need some helpful tips? Then simply write us an email, send us a fax or give us a call and we will be happy to take care of all your questions and concerns.

Browse our large selection now and find the perfect storage solution for your hobby!
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